General Assembly of Shareholders

In accordance with Article 10 of the Articles of Association, the General Assembly of Shareholders is part of a two-tier management system of the Company.

Convening, preparation, conducting of the General Assembly and the decision-making procedure by the General Assembly of Shareholders are determined by the Articles of Association dated March 1st, 2019.

The General Assembly of Shareholders makes decisions on:

  • amending the Articles of Association of the Company,

  • changes in the legal status and/or legal form of the Company,

  • acquisition and management of property of significant value via corresponding transaction or several interrelated or similar transaction in line with the law,

  • division of profits and cover of losses, including determination of date of obtaining the profit-sharing rights, and also the dates of profits payment;

  • approval of financial statements as well as auditor’s reports in case such financial statements were subject to audit,

  • increase and decrease in the authorized capital of the Company, as well as on any issue of securities and on making additional investments,

  • the establishment and liquidation of companies in which the Company has a share in the authorized capital, as well as branches of the Company,

  • increase and decrease in the authorized capital of the companies in which the Company has a share in the capital,

  • acquisition or disposal of shares and/or other participation in companies owned by the Company,

  • accepting new shareholders and transferring the share owned by a shareholderor the Company to third parties, establishing any encumbrances on the Shareholder’s share in the Company, or providing any right related to the establishment of a trust or trust management in relation to such a share,

  • liquidation and bankruptcy of the Company,

  • the appointment of a liquidation, bankruptcy trustee and approval of the liquidation, bankruptcy balance sheet and report of the liquidation, bankruptcy trustee,

  • obligations of the Shareholders to make additional investments in the property of the Company and their return to the Shareholders ,

  • acquisition of own shares,

  • applications for the withdrawal of a Shareholder from the Company,

  • approval on reports of the Board of Directors and supervision over its work,

  • transactions involving the receipt and/or provision by the Company of loans and/or loans (including those secured by promissory notes and/or transferable bills) both within the framework of a single transaction and within the framework of several interconnected or similar transactions, as well as the provision of guarantees and/or bonds for the obligations of the Company and/or third parties both within the framework of a single transaction, and within the framework of several interrelated or similar transactions in an amount exceeding 5 million euros,

  • appointment and termination of service members of the Board of Directors, approval on conditions, agreements concluded with them and determination of remuneration for their work,

  • expulsion of the Shareholder from the Company due to lack of payments, i.e. non-payment of the registered monetary contribution and/or non-payment of the registered non-monetary contribution to the authorized capital of the Company and/or non-payment of an additional contribution to the property of the Company,

  • initiating a lawsuit to expel a Shareholder from the Company

  • approval by interest,

  • election and termination of service of the auditor of the Company, and the amount of remuneration for his work;

  • implementation of other activities and resolving other issues that, in accordance with the Law and the Articles of Association, are referred to the competence of the General Assembly of Shareholders.