The project provides for the construction of a cogeneration power plant based on a combined cycle with the simultaneous production of power energy and heat energy in the form of process steam.

This technology is currently the most energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and economically feasible technical solution for using natural gas as a fuel and provides a high coefficient of fuel energy use, which means low fuel consumption per unit of useful energy.

The efficiency and high environmental characteristics of steam and gas power facility are achieved through the double use of natural gas energy. At the first stage, gas enters the combustion chamber of gas turbines. There will be two of them in CCPP Pancevo. As a result of the gas turbines rotation, power energy is generated. Then the exhaust gases enter the HRSGs, where the steam is heated to the parameters necessary for the operation of the steam turbine. Electricity is generated for the second time.

The total electrical capacity of the two gas turbines and one steam turbine of the CCPP Pancevo will be about 200 MW. In addition, the product of the CCPP will be heat energy.

As a cooling system, it is planned to build fan cooling towers with minimal impact on water resources. This technology does not require the use of cooling ponds and the construction of bulky evaporation towers.

Near the gas turbine house a GIS facility for the supply of electricity to the main transmission lines with voltage of 220 kV will be located.

The new power plant will increase the reliability of providing the Pancevo Refinery with heat and electricity. In addition, the CCPP’s performances will make it possible to supply electric energy to consumers in Serbia and neighboring countries.