Gazprom energoholding Serbia donated a children’s playground for residents of Pancevo


Today in the city of Pancevo, a multifunctional children’s playground, built at the expense and in accordance with the design of Gazprom energoholding Serbia LLC, was opened.

Today in the city of Pancevo, a multifunctional children’s playground, built at the expense and in accordance with the design of Gazprom energoholding Serbia LLC, was opened. The ceremony was attended by the mayor of the city of Pancevo, Aleksandar Stevanovic, and the director of Gazprom energoholding Serbia TE-TO Pancevo, Alexander Varnavskiy.

According to Aleksandar Stevanovic, the city values its partnership with Gazprom energoholding Serbia, which is implementing the project for the construction of the CCPP Pancevo with an electrical capacity of about 200 MW. Today’s event is a confirmation of the socially responsible approach of the company, which actively participates in various charitable projects in Pancevo.

In their turn, the management of Gazprom energoholding Serbia LLC thanked the representatives of the city administration for the understanding and support that were provided during the implementation of the project, noting that the CCPP which is under construction has already ensured jobs for two dozen residents of Pancevo and in the future will have a positive impact on the environmental situation in the region.

Background information:

The CCPP Pancevo with an electrical capacity of about 200 MW is the first project of Gazprom energoholding Group to be implemented outside the Russian Federation, and the first combined cycle power plant in Serbia.

The generated heat energy will be directed to meet the needs of the Oil Refinery Pancevo, electricity will be sold in Serbia and other countries of the Balkan region.

The CCPP Pancevo construction project is being implemented jointly by Gazprom energoholding Group and NIS JSC Novi Sad (Gazprom neft Group). Based on the results of the tender procedure, Shanghai Electric Group was selected as the main contractor for the turnkey construction of the combined cycle power plant.

Combined cycle power units have significant economic and environmental advantages over traditional steam power and coal-fired generating equipment. In particular, in comparison with traditional power units operating on the brown coal used in Serbia, their operation does not lead to the formation of multi-ton waste — ash, there are no emissions of solid substances and sulfur oxides into the atmosphere.