The CCPP Pancevo construction works are ongoing during the state of emergency


The companies Gazprom Energoholding Serbia and Gazprom Energoholding Serbia TE-TO Pancevo have taken all the measures prescribed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, in relation to the declared state of emergency due to the corona virus epidemic. The crisis response team was formed in order to ensure the stability of all the works, which are being executed, and with the aim to protect the employees under the circumstances of the epidemic.

Remote working conditions have been created for all the employees. The first to work remotely were mothers of minor children, the employees with chronic diseases and the employees, whose spouses work in health facilities.

At the same time, a whole complex of works related to the implementation of construction project of a modern, economically efficient and ecologically clean CCPP with installed capacity of about 200 MW in the city of Pancevo is ongoing.

Gazprom Energoholding Serbia and Gazprom Energoholding Serbia TE-TO Pancevo’s executives are confident that the measures adopted by Serbian Government will provide a way to deal with such a difficult situation, that this country is now facing.